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Take the Risk!

Performing risky moves such as dodging attacks at the last moment, holding your ground while brutal enemies running towards you or triggering lethal traps and survive from its attack that would eliminate both you and your enemies  grants you resource for casting powerful spells.  

The Tempest / 風暴馭使
Shieldbreaking games/ 碎盾遊戲

mobile action game


Wind of Change

Discover the origins of the Elemental Tempests in the StormEdge: Wind of Change, the prequel to the main game, StormEdge. Uncover the cause of the magical disturbance in the world.

Explore the ancient dungeons

Fighting hostile monster, defeating Blazing Potions and discover the secret of the Elemental Storms 


Shape Skills at Will

Mental focus is the basic requirement for conducting elemental energy and casting powerful magic spells. It is said that mages are born with special ability to highly concentrate his mind, they hold the key to deeply understand the primary form of elements and shape it at will.

An experienced mage knows when to change the behavior of a spell to turn the tide of battle. Chaining a fireball to  nearby enemies or making a frostbolt piercing at narrow corridor requires highly concentrated mental focus as well

Build You Own Combat Style

Wizards claim magic spells is the art of communicating with elements while the ordinary see it as weapons they will never know how to wield. The truth is that most magic spells are designed to kill. The ferocity of the caster inevitably affects how much energy he gather and the damage It gonna make.

Ferocity also increases the effect caused by malice infused into the spell by the Tempest. Anyone who against the Tempest in this situation can clearly feel what he is "requesting" from the elements...with desperation.

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